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Get the Chest T-Shirt shaper shirt and conquer gynecomastia with confidence-boosting compression.

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Tank Chest

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Tank Chest: the ultimate compression shirt for men with gynecomastia or pseudo-gynecomastia, which refers to the unwanted development of breasts in men! This shapewear compression vest, specially designed by, offers the perfect solution for gentlemen looking to conceal their male breasts. The Tank Chest is a comfortable shapewear shirt that smooths only the chest area, while feeling natural around the waist! It serves not only as a discreet binder for trans men (FTM) but also for any man seeking a solution to conceal his "Man Boobs." Choose the top-rated chest compression shirt on the market and experience the corrective benefits of our Tank Chest shirt.

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Tank Chest

Only compresses the chest area.

Feels natural at the waist.

Retains its shape and is extra-long.

low-cut neckline, flat-hemmed seams.

Has the appearance of an ordinary shirt.

Doesn't stand out under your clothes.

Stimulates blood circulation.

Can be worn all day!

Material: 2-way stretch - Nylon / Elastan
Color: White and Black
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